Moroccan Black Soap Wholesale

moroccan black soapIn the midst of the demand for natural health products, Moroccan black soap which known in Morocco as “Beldi soap «, is one of the best soaps that women and men can use to take care of their skin and beauty. This type of soap is not only made of 100% natural and safe materials, but it also has advantages over those expensive chemical products, that usually sweep the market with the power of advertising.

Black soap benefits for the skin :

  • Remove dead skin.
  • Helps to lighten the skin and gives it freshness.
  • Clean the pores of black pimples and impurities.
  • Stimulate blood circulation.
  • Prevents wrinkles.
  • Helps with elimination of dark circles around the eyes.

One of the main benefits of the black soap is that it is effective in removing dead skin which makes the skin glow with vital look. The problem of dry skin is one of the most common problems that women and men suffers from , especially in the winter and low temperatures; one of the advantages of the black soap is that it is a good moisturizer for the skin because of its richness in natural oils, like olive oil, coconut oil and honey.
Prolonged exposure to sunlight can causes appearance of some brown spots and pigmentations on the face.

More Benefits of Moroccan Black Soap

Black Soap has the ability to lighten the skin and unify the color, which gives it a wonderful aesthetic appearance that everyone dreams of. Black soap is also very effective in delaying the appearance of wrinkles and removing the outlines that appear especially in the forehead area, which will give you a youthfulness and freshness for long periods. Wide pores are one of the most annoying skin problems that disturb many people, who continue to search for a solution, numerous experiments on black soap have shown its ability to close large pores and narrow the scars significantly.

Black Soap Secrets

The main secret in Moroccan Soap is that it contains huge amounts of vitamin E, as well as vitamin K and A, this is because it is 100% made from natural oils like olive oil which everyone knows it is the source of all these vitamins in addition to other powerful antioxidants, and it’s great ability to eliminate skin impurities, The secret for this soap is in its original substance: olive oil, which has an effect on cell regeneration and whitening the skin in addition to the elimination of wrinkles, and this is widely known in alternative medicine, and the recipes in which olive oil is used for this purpose to restore the freshness and vitality of the facial skin, and remove the cells.


How to use the black soap

Black soap is easy to use and it is very safe for everyone as it is 100% natural, just put some of it on face and body mix with some warm water by avoiding areas around the eyes and mouth ,Leave it on for 5 minutes and then you start to make foam with soap by hand. Use this foam to wash the face gently and in circular motions.
The face is rinsed with water afterwards and it is recommended to wash the face at least twice a week with the Black soap to clean it and preserve its freshness. Although using black soap once to twice per day can improve your skin in 1 to 3 weeks .The time it takes will depends on the degree of severity of your acne or other skin issues you may have. It may not improve your skin fully but can help a lot with minimizing and preventing acne.