Argan oil in Bulk

Argan oil in Bulk

Argan oil in BulkArgan oil from the Argan tree is an essential oil for hair and skin care. It’s rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which leaves your hair and skin moisturized. Also, the Argan tree can withstand the effects of desertification, drought and humidity. Subsequently, imagine what it can do for your skin and hair. As a result, most celebrities incorporate Argan oil in bulk into their skincare and hair daily routine.

Additionally, Argan oil contains linoleic acid, making the skin’s outermost layer stronger to lock in water and keep irritants out. Also, it reduces inflammation caused by acne, skin infections, bug bites, rashes, and sebum levels to combat oily skin. Vitamin E in Argan oil will soften and condition your skin.

How to Use Argan Oil

Notably, its cosmetic benefits existed long from the thirteenth century, where Berber women used Argan oil on their skin and hair. They had to collect fallen fruits and separate the peels’ pulps using rocks for oil preparation. Afterwards, they would grind using millstone to make a dough. Then they would add water to separate the oil from the residue. Hence, getting the Argan oil and press cake, which fed cattle as the end product. However, now you can buy Argan oil in bulk.

To achieve radiant skin and silky hair, you can apply it directly. All you need are a few drops of Argan oil and apply it on your skin and hair in gentle motions. The results will start to show instantly. Alternatively, you can mix with other beauty products such as lotions, foundation, shampoo, bronzer and others.

Moreover, you can use to make your skin more elastic and pure, preventing the formation of stretch marks due to vitamin A and E. Take two to three drops of Argan oil and apply to the areas more affected significantly during pregnancy. To existing stretch marks, message them with Argan oil before taking a bath or shower, and within a short time, you will see changes.

Where to Buy Argan Oil in Bulk

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