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About Wholesales Oils ?

About us Wholesale Oils: Based in the heart of Marrakech, is an independent company, founded in 2007 Specializing in producing and exporting organic cosmetic product in wholesales, we are a professional and competent team consists of experts, hard-working women, and men.

Our company stands out for its value chain based on the collaboration with the indigenous rural women. , We always choose products that exceed international standards to ensure the best quality for our customers. This means that all our
products are 100% organic and highly sought-after, Starting from Argan oil to Black Moroccan soap, our services include a private label for worldwide costumers.
Many of our clients contacted us after having bad experiences about us service and quality, our Argan oil, and prickly pear seeds oil are manufactured using only the best-sanitized machinery, we take safety and traceability seriously and we only work with the best quality suppliers of raw ingredients.

Our values are to provide 100% natural products and at the same time give opportunities to rural women to benefit from the wealth of their region.In other words, our products are 100% organic, 100%pure, preservative-free and it was never tested on animals and was processed in natural –eco-friendly manners.We offer a trade that is direct, sincere, balanced, sustainable and rigorous; everything is made at our factory to ensure that the seeds and the fruits are of the best quality.

By choosing about-us as a partner, you are not only securing high-quality organic products, but you are also simultaneously taking part in supporting the women in rural Morocco.